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Eprintz print shop for banners, signs , banner stands, yard signs, business cards and other commercial printings.

5.0 star rating 21 reviews
Eprintz print shop is a commercial printer located in Kitchener - Waterloo and delivers all sort of printing required in a large portion of the business houses like large banners printing, sign print, vinyl banners, banner stands, business cards, postcards, yard signs - lawn signs, flyers, brochures, booklets, presentation folder, door hangers etc.

Our print shop is spread right around 15,000 square feet region and furnished with most cutting edge printing machines to convey quick and finest printing item according to your desire. We delivers both end customer to commercial printing needs.

Print Shop Quality Control

Quality control and customer satisfaction is our main goal for all printing orders. We have specialized people and online proofing system to make all the quality check with perfection. Before fo to final printing, all orders manually verified with a demo print copy. This is not only satisfy our print shop customers but allow us to retain their faith on us. If you have any customized printing requirement for your business, give us a call 519-501-0088 or email us [email protected]. One of our sales person will contact you and give you cost effective price for your printing products.

Print shop location

Eprintz print shop is located in Kitchener - Waterloo but delivers orders all over the country. Due to the vicinity of Toronto, We are well connected with rest of the country. Due to low production cost, we can provide printing at the affordable price. We are very much associated with different urban communities like Kitchener, Waterloo, Toronto, Mississauga in Ontario and most significant urban areas in Canada.
Address: Eprintz print shop, 190 Washburn Dr, #1, Kitchener, N2R 1S2,ON, Canada.
call: 519-501-0088.

Recommended Reviews for Eprintz print shop in Kitchener - Waterloo

5.0 star rating Najbaei S - 2017-10-11
I visited your website www.eprintz.com . The prices are lucrative, specially the discount they offered. I would like to order few banner printing from your print shop.
5.0 star rating Matthew S - 2017-10-11
I live in London, Ontario. I need yard signs frequently for my real estate business. Thanks for the discount rate.
5.0 star rating Shan S - 2017-09-11
Eprintz print shop given me the huge discount for the banner stands which I used for the next upcoming trade show for the telecom industry.
5.0 star rating Syed T - 2017-09-11
I am happy for Eprintz for the presentation folder and the business cards for my insurance business.
5.0 star rating Sunny P - 2017-09-11
The best price for yard signs and banner stands. I need them again for my real estate business in Brampton.
5.0 star rating Cassandre F - 2017-08-11
Thanks Eprintz for the sign print job, you have delivered to me.
5.0 star rating Meshi T - 2017-08-11
Eprintz is my printing partner for my yoga and massage therapy business.
5.0 star rating Amit A - 2017-08-11
I visited their shop for my real estate printing needs. They are definitely best in Kitchener - Waterloo.
5.0 star rating Nasib T - 2017-07-11
Eprintz is the perfect choice for realtors. They have all printing products for all real estate business needs.
5.0 star rating Harbans S - 2017-07-11
For the Mortgage business, Eprintz is the perfect printing pertner. They have good graphic designer with lots of archive graphics needed for Mortgage industry.
5.0 star rating Rob Y - 2017-06-11
Eprintz supplied all my music concert related printing services like banner stands, post cards, big banners etc. I appreciated their affort.
5.0 star rating Terry S - 2017-06-11
I am gratefull to Eprintz for regular printing support for all my printing needs in my insurance works.
5.0 star rating Tim W - 2017-06-11
Quality vinyl banners printers for the Food and Beverage industry.
5.0 star rating Daniel F - 2017-05-11
I need a regular printing job for my photography. Eprintz offered me discounted price. I am happy with their special attantion for all my phtos.
5.0 star rating Pierre L - 2017-05-11
I have rehearsal studios and Eprintz helps me through their great printing services for my advertisement.
5.0 star rating Tony Tuka - 2017-02-11
Eprintz print shop in Kitchener - Waterloo is well equipped with any amount of printing services within limited time frame.
5.0 star rating Ryan Breen - 2017-02-11
Thanks for my shop's banner stands. I definitely will re-order some more in near future.
5.0 star rating Sam G - 2017-04-10
Needed 4 retractable banner stands. Got the shipment ontime today.
5.0 star rating Jes Daniels - 2017-02-10
Needed a large run of posters and banners for an event. Great product and turnaround.
5.0 star rating Brenda Austen-Jones - 2017-07-09
I appreciate for the service you provided. I like to recommend others.
5.0 star rating Branko Vranic - 2017-02-09
Great service and a great product! Thanks!
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